How did barQode start?

Most retailers are trying to figure out what to charge for their products, and the right way to discount to increase revenue. The old way of large discounts are becoming less effective, with shoppers suffering from Discount Fatigue.

barQode solves the problem of retail pricing and discounting by offering personalised offers and prices based on the customers Willingness To Pay (WTP) price. We saw a better way for retailers to set their prices by working with their customers, and so we built it.

What is barQode?

barQode is a cloud-based platform powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which offers a solution for retailers to interact with their customers, making sure the price is optimised for individual WTP levels.

Gone are the days of discounting 30-70% to increase sales, and with our predictive analytics you will know what your sales will be. More accurate forecasting, no more lost opportunities, and a way to increase revenue and sell stock faster will help your retail business to get back to growth.

Dr Shane Moon, CMO

Shane is our resident expert in buyer behavior and neural marketing, and has previously worked with multiple national retailers to design and improve pricing models.

He always felt there was a better way for retailers to work with their customers. After a demo of the barQode concept, he knew this was the way retail pricing should be.

Douglas Stirling, CEO

Doug is passionate about achieving goals for our customers. Through the effective use of technology and data, he has delivered significant results in senior roles across multiple sectors.

It was his initial idea of the barQode concept that was designed and built to improve retail businesses, and he still loves to work with retailers to see the results they can achieve.

Dario Federici, LDS

Dario remains at the forefront of applicable Artificial Intelligence, having created AI & Machine Learning solutions in retail and healthcare sectors with exceptional results.

He has used this extensive experience to design the barQode AI system, using a network of Agents to take advantage of Deep Learning and predict the optimal offer price and negotiation flow.

Our global organisation

Our founders are from Australia, Italy and Canada, and we have technical and support staff in Australia, Chile, India, Philippines and Vietnam.

We can scale to meet any challenge, and have worked with a number of large clients needing rapid implementation. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help your retail business to improve with barQode.