barQode Negotiator

What can barQode Negotiator do for your business?

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Your app or ours

If you have an existing shopping app for your business, we can connect our Artificial Intelligence Negotiator to determine optimal pricing and provide a more personalised offer to your shoppers.

If you don’t have an app, just use ours! We offer a solution for Android and iPhone for your shoppers to discover and interact with your business, and receive crafted offers on products they want to buy.


Stop heavy discounting

Why discount 30% or more to increase your sales or clear out slow moving products? With barQode Negotiator, you can tailor your prices to what your individual shoppers are willing to pay.

By using dynamic pricing you can better target your shoppers while maximising your revenue on each sale, and all within preset limits so you maintain control of your business.

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Convert and keep your customers

If a customer walks out of your store now without buying, how do you get them back? Traditional advertising and heavy discounts are losing their effectiveness and can be very costly.

With barQode Negotiator you can continue to send targeted offers to your customers to attract them back to your store, hours or days after they’ve left. And when they return, they’ll be buying!

Location based selling

If someone makes an offer on a product within range of your store that matches what you sell, we’ll send them to your store to make their purchase and you’ll have gained a new customer.

Why miss out on a sale just because the customer didn’t know you could sell them what they wanted? Shoppers don’t want to miss out on buying from you, and we don’t want them to either.

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