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What can barQode Predictor do for your business?

price tag

Improve your pricing

How do you set your pricing now? If you’re like most retailers you may do some cohort analysis, or run a few surveys, or even take a guess based on your experience. We can help you do better.

By using barQode Predictor, you can identify the optimum price for your products to maximise profits and avoid the need for heavy discounts. Let us help you, before you miss out on any more profits!

customer selection

Predict successful products

Netflix seems to know what shows people want to watch before they do, but it’s no coincidence. They analyse their data thoroughly to see what people like, and now your business can too.

We help you to better understand what types of products your customers prefer to buy, so you can look for suppliers who can meet your customers specific needs and take charge of your supply chain.


Plan your inventory

If you knew exactly what you were going to sell, you could avoid holding excess inventory and never end up with stock in the wrong places which will free up money and save on transfer costs.

We can help you to plan your inventory better with barQode Predictor, by understanding your customer demand better through Machine Learning predictive analytics.

predictive analytics

Recover lost opportunities

Many businesses continue to miss opportunities each and every week because they don't manage their data, while the average company using predictive analytics increased their sales by 73%.

How much is 73% of your sales worth to you? Don't wait until it's too late, barQode can help your business take advantage of the latest in technology so you too can benefit from predictive analytics.

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