barQode Recommender

What can barQode Recommender do for your business?


Sales focused results

There’s a number of solutions on the market that can help you identify what products people might like, but your business can’t survive on likes alone. You need to know what your customers will buy.

barQode Recommender analyses the products and prices that your customers are likely to actually purchase, and recommends personalised offers that provide the best chance to make a sale.


Personalisation, not categorisation

While all good solutions will use categorisation to bundle similar customers together (we also use this to some extent), barQode goes further to truly personalise your offers and recommendations.

Our solution considers significantly more data points to identify not only what groups your customer belongs to, but also situational data to ensure your offers reach the right customer at the right time.

Improve your omnichannel

A good retail business will already be working on their omnichannel strategy, targeting their customers and selling through their stores, email, website, and even mobile apps.

We can help to improve your customer experience in each of your channels by providing offers specifically targeted to your individual customers, helping them feel valued while increasing sales.

maximise results

Maximise your value

If you currently have an email list, regular newsletter or loyalty program, you are probably missing many opportunities to add value to your business. If you don’t have one, you’re definitely missing out!

With barQode Recommender, we can maximise the value of the work you’ve already done in building a community around your business while your customers will appreciate the new value you provide.

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